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Discover the Wonders of the Philippines

Offering scenic views of white-sand beaches, this fabulous trip to the land of 7,641 islands combines the adventure and comfort you need for your vacation.

Discovery of the North of Luzon

Immerse yourself in the land and rich cultural heritage of North Luzon and make your way through the stunning mountain sceneries and forests.

Palawan: The Last Frontier

You will not fail to admire the richness of the fauna and underwater flora surrounding the Palawan islands whose beauty will definitely surpass your imagination.

Top Destinations

Discover the Philippines’ rich culture

From magnificent rice terraces, powder-white beaches, sumptuous food, and friendly people, take your time to explore the rich culture of the Philippines.

Whether for hiking, snorkeling, surfing, extreme sports, or simply just for relaxing, the Philippines has it all.

We’ll be glad to show you the way into a glimpse of our culture – from our regional cuisines, diverse languages to our most colorful and scenic destinations.


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